Experienced Consulting

Canoo knows the Answers.

We are one of the very few companies specializing in providing top quality consulting in the Rich Internet Application field. Our consulting activities include designing, testing, introducing development infrastructure, reviewing software architectures, as well as building prototypes.

We can help you select the rich web interface technology best suited to your project. Our consultants' experience is based on ten years of professional experience and continued involvement in engineering activities on a daily basis.

Consulting services include reviews of projects and IT processes, as well as analyses of architectures, design, code, testing processes and software infrastructure.

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Top Consultants

Dierk König

Dierk König is a senior software developer, mentor and coach. He publishes in leading Java magazines and speaks at international conferences.

He initiated the open source project Webtest, is a strong committer on Groovy and Grails and author of "Groovy in Action".

Dierk is co-founder and Fellow of Canoo.

Dr. Bruno Schäffer

Dr. Bruno Schäffer is co-founder and Fellow of Canoo Engineering. Since 1997 he has been a Java developer, consultant, and architect.

His area of expertise covers Web platforms and Rich Internet Applications. He was involved in building several web platforms for the financial sector.

Language Consulting

We are able to offer you consulting at any stage of your project. Our IT and linguistic background enables us to help you in make sound project decisions and to show you how our language tools best suit your needs.

Our knowledge in web technologies, information retrieval and applied computational linguistics enables us to help you to integrate our language products into your existing infrastructure.

We are experienced in project reviews, in particular design, architecture, code and project management. In addition, we are able to provide all web services (from Requirements Engineering to Web Enablement) for your language products and solutions alike.

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Top Consultants

Dr. Stephan Bopp

Stephan Bopp is Canoo's linguist in charge. He is responsible for CanooNet and discusses questions regarding the German language in his blog. His qualifications and past engagements include:

  • Master and Ph.D. in Romance languages and literature at the University of Zurich
  • Development of Italian, German, English and Dutch morphologies
  • Linguistic expert in terminological projects of the University of Basel and a major Swiss Bank
  • Specification of a large morphological knowledge database for German in common project of the Free University of Amsterdam and the University of Basel
  • Author of a comprehensive online grammar for German

Dr. Urs Hengartner

Urs Hengartner is Canoo's specialist and consultant for document management, data mining and information retrieval in complex environments. His qualifications and past engagements include:

  • MBA at University of Zurich
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science at University of Basel
  • Systems specialist in the operations department of an Insurance corporation
  • Head of the Intranet search service in a major Swiss bank
  • Lecturer for Computer Science at University of Basel