Canoo delivers "end-user happiness"

This is how we describe the thing our customers most value about us. It means tailored, stable solutions for mobile and web applications that are highly rated by users for their efficiency and user-friendliness.
We provide top class engineers as consultants (serving IT management on strategic, conceptual and organizational issues) and top class developers, who have - without exception - successfully completed every project commenced (new developments/renovations).
Canoo’s offering also includes successful products in the fields of "enterprise search", "text analysis" and "client-onboarding".

We are a Swiss enterprise belonging to a successful Swiss group. We offer all services and products worldwide through subsidiaries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America and we are serving customers from all industries and sizes.

Canoo Engineering AG has been delivering know-how and expertise for the successful implementation of your software projects - for more than 14 years and into the future.


Canoo Engineering: Fast Facts

Established 2000
Headquarters Basel (Switzerland)
Further Offices Lugano, Amsterdam, Mumbai
Employees more than 60
Web Expertise IT services for large international institutions and corporations. (Java) Rich Internet Applications (RIA) development and consulting.
Language Expertise German Language analysis and data mining services.
Company Address Canoo Engineering AG
Kirschgartenstr. 5
CH-4051 Basel

Tel.   +41 (61) 228 94 44
Fax   +41 (61) 228 94 49